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Pre and post partition maps of the Panjab

Desi Radio would like to make the following maps available for download and online viewing. Both of these maps are now out of Copyright.

Pre Partition Map 1933

Click on the image below to open a PDF viewer. You can zoom in and out of the map and if you wish save a local copy.

Prior to Partition map of the Punjab
Click on the image to view and download a larger version

Post Partition Map

Click on the image below to open a PDF viewer. You can view in and out of the map. You can also save a local copy.

Post Partition Map of the Punjab
Click on the image to view and download a larger version



Songs of Separation

Listen Again

Programme Title: Songs of Separation


The Program contains personal stories of  5 narrators.
Upon hearing the songs of separation memories of these stories were triggered.
After the narration of their story the appropriate song will follow.


The Following  program is presented by Anita and the narrators of their stories are  Amarjit Cheema, Karam, Manpreeet Kaur,  Jeet Kaur and Raj Sekhon


The following program presented by Kashmir and the narrators of their stories are  Balli, Kamli, Ninder, Roopi and Sharon


The following program presented by Pammi and the narrators narrators of their stories are Kitti Ball , Jeet Kaur,  Darshna, Rano and Preeti

Above programs are produced with the support of Heritage Lottery fund


Desi Radio News

This area contains the lastest news report for the day shown.

To play the audio programme click on the play button in the adjacent column on the right of the programme you wish to listen to. You may also adjust the volume using the control on the right.

Day News Programme
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Update on Internet Radio Player

Update 14th August 2017

We still have a very small number of people having problems connecting to the internet radio stream following the move to the new provider.  The most likely cause is these devices have a memory function and you have old settings programmed into a preset, and you need to renew those settings with the new settings.

See this article for more information on how to resolve the problem. If you can no longer receive Desi Radio over the internet, check where you are getting the settings from,  if they are in one of the memories on your device, search for Desi Radio 1602 AM on your device, make sure you can hear audio, and overwrite the memory location so you can recall the station in the future.

Go to here for more information. 


Temporary Player

Added July 18th 2017

A small number of people have been experiencing problems with the online radio streaming service for Desi Radio. If you were able to listen to the service before, but have not been able to do so since the beginning of June, please click on the play button below. This should connect you into one of the two radio streams available following the changes of service provider.

Temporary Desi Radio Player 


Lost your audio stream?

If you have just lost the audio stream to your MP3 Player, computer, smart phone, tablet or hand held device. It is quite likely that you have been listening to a playlist that was set up a long time ago. Desi Radio changed their audio streaming service provider on the 26th of June 2017.

It is easy to resolve. You need to click on the link below  and depending on whether you were listening to Desi Radio on your computer or mobile device you need to click on one of the icons on that page and download the appropriate file and click on it. This will re-establish the connection and everything will work again.

Go to here for more information:

Still having problems?

If it is still not working, please use the contact us page and tell us what happened. You need to tell us about the device you were using to listen to the radio, and whether you are a new user or you used to listen to the station before the move ok and now it does not work. We also need to know any error messages you have seen on your device. This will help us to diagnose the problem.

Report it here:  Contact Desi Radio


Sound Quality

10th May 2016

A few people have reported sound quality issues over the Internet. If you are experiencing sound quality issues over the internet then it may be because you are connected to a stream that Desi Radio no longer supports. Changes were made 2 weeks ago to the audio streaming.

If you are still experiencing problems please can you try the Pop Out Player which is located in the sidebar of the website on every page.

This hooks up to a new stream which was turned on just over 2 weeks ago and should be better quality than the earlier streams.

If you have tried this and you are still hearing distortion please let us know. You can do so using our contact us page. When you do this please let us know what you are using locally to listen to the internet audio stream.

thank you,

Desi Radio


Sound Quality over the Internet

April 22nd 2016

We have been receiving reports about the sound quality of our internet audio stream through the pop out player we use on this site. We apologise for any inconvenience.

A new audio stream has been set up and the website has been changed to support it and tested. There may be further enhancements coming along in May 2016.

With effect from 22nd April the audio quality should now be improved. If you are still having problems listening to the audio stream please can you contact us and let us know the details.

Many thanks from Desi Radio


Email and website availability

This morning (2nd of February 2016) the website and email service was interrupted for several hours while we changed the hosting for the site.

This change is now completed, and the email and website service is now correctly registered under the domain name.

If you sent us something between late Monday night and midday on Tuesday, please send it again, it is likely we missed it. Services were restored at midday on Tuesday. Our apologies if you were affected.

– Desi Radio.



The Panjabi Art of Embroidery

Workshops were held between 12 and 3pm on Monday 12th of October at Slough Central Library, Wednesday 21st October at Dominion Centre, Southall, and Wednesday 28th of October at the Indian Community Centre in Reading.


The Workshops were supported by The National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.


Click on the player below to hear a radio programme about Phulkari