Lost your audio stream?

If you have just lost the audio stream to your MP3 Player, computer, smart phone, tablet or hand held device. It is quite likely that you have been listening to a playlist that was set up a long time ago. Desi Radio changed their audio streaming service provider on the 26th of June 2017.

It is easy to resolve. You need to click on the link below  and depending on whether you were listening to Desi Radio on your computer or mobile device you need to click on one of the icons on that page and download the appropriate file and click on it. This will re-establish the connection and everything will work again.

Go to here for more information:  http://desiradio.org.uk/listen-now/

Still having problems?

If it is still not working, please use the contact us page and tell us what happened. You need to tell us about the device you were using to listen to the radio, and whether you are a new user or you used to listen to the station before the move ok and now it does not work. We also need to know any error messages you have seen on your device. This will help us to diagnose the problem.

Report it here:  Contact Desi Radio